Lowe’s Black Friday Ad 2014

Lowe’s Black Friday Store Hours Friday 5AM
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Lowes Black Friday Ad & Lowes Black Friday Sales & Deals

Find All Lowes Black Friday 2014 information here. Lowes Black
Friday Ad information will be published and updated during Black
Friday Season.

Lowes Begins Revealing Black Friday Deals

Lowe’s has started to reveal their Black Friday 2014 deals on vine & here. Today, they revealed their first item, Fire & Waterproof Chest Safe for $19.97 $39.97.

Lowes Deals To Be Announced via Vine + Store Opens at 5AM Black Friday

Starting Monday, November 2,
Lowe’s will reveal
their hottest Black Friday sales and deals through

(a social media platform).
Lowes will release a
dozen Vines (short
video posts
) everyday. Also According to a report from

The NY Times
, Lowe’s
is planning plans to open its stores at 5AM Black Friday, Nov. 28. (See

Lowes Black Friday Ad Scan

See Live Lowes Hot Deals

It is too early for Black Friday. We expect Lowes Black Friday
2014 ad to be posted sometime in October – November.

Lowes Black Friday Deals

Lowes Black Friday deals 2014 are usually posted in November when Lowes
Black Friday Flyer is released. Meanwhile, you can see Lowes Black Friday Deals
2013 (from last year) by clicking below.

Lowes Pre Black Friday Deals

Lowes Black Friday Deals are NOT live yet. Following are our latest handpicked Lowes deals.

Past News 2013:

Lowes Black Friday Sale Preview

More Lowes Black Friday Sale Items Revealed

  • Lowe’s
    has added more items to its Pinterest page. You can view them here (Page1,
    Page 2,

    Page 3
  • Also checkout Lowes Black Friday Inventory Scan (scroll down to see it)

Lowes Online Black Friday Sale Starts Thanksgiving Day + 18 Items Revealed

  • Lowes
    has updated its

    Black Friday Page
    with their countdown to Black Friday Sale. According to
    it; Lowes Black Friday Online Sale will start from 4AM EST on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Lowes
    has also revealed 18 items from its Black Friday Ad. You can view them here (Page1,
    Page 2)
  • Also checkout Lowes Black Friday Inventory Scan (scroll down to see it)

Lowes Black Friday Leaked Inventory List

Lowes Black Friday Inventory (Page1, Page 2) has been leaked and making rounds. Althought it does not
contain pricing information, it does have run dates for promotions. It seems like Black Friday is more than one day event! However, Unless their Official Black Friday Flyer comes out, one cant be sure of the internal ‘list’ as it can always change.

Until we know the price, it is hard to say anything about Good Deal or Best deal!


Source: The Blackfriday